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Project: Newport Square Addition
Location:   Newport News, Virginia
Size of Addition:   12,500 SF
Developer:   The Investment Group
Washington, D.C.
Architect:   Rancorn Wildman Krause
Tabb, Virginia

General Contractor:

  Lasal Construction
Newport News, Virginia
Leasing:   Drucker & Falk
Newport News, Virginia

Project: Madison Shopping Center Addition
Location:   Madison Heights, Michigan
Size of Addition:   17,500 SF
Developer:   The Investment Group
Washington, D.C.
Architect:   J. Howard Nudell & Associates, Inc.
Dearborn, Michigan
General Contractor:   Kendall Construction
Dearborn, Michigan
Leasing:   Schostak Brothers & Company, Inc.
Southfield, Michigan

Project: Williamsburg Shopping Center Renovation
Location:   Arlington, Virginia
Size:   17,000 SF
Developer:   Williamsburg Associates, Inc.
Architect:   Blevins & Barzdukas Architects

General Contractor:

  Williamsburg Associates, Inc.
Leasing:   Kalis Development Corporation
McLean, Virginia

Project: Warrenton Towne Centre Repositioning
Location:   Warrenton, Virginia
Size:   125,000 SF
Developer:   Kalis Development Corporation
Civil Engineers   Frederick Ward & Associates, Warrenton, Virginia
Construction Systems Group, McLean, Virginia
General Contractor:   Kalis Development Corporation
Leasing:   JBG Rosenfeld Retail
Washington, D.C.
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