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The Kalis Companies

Founded by Peter Kalis in 19631, The Kalis Companies have engaged in consulting, property management and leasing, and real estate investments for nearly 60 years. In that time, our small group of companies have owned, managed, re-developed, and leased prime real estate in New York City’s Manhattan; Jamaica, New York's transportation hub (small mixed-use development), and Arlington's Williamsburg Shopping Center.

In 2003, we added to our portfolio the 123,000 square foot Warrenton Towne Centre in Warrenton, Virginia.

Currently, we are actively seeking to acquire additional properties in Northern Virginia. In all this time, we have never suffered foreclosure nor transfer in lieu of foreclosure. In fact, all investments made have been profitable for our investors.

The Kalis Companies received their start from Peter and Maria Kalis. Around 1950, Peter and Maria Kalis opened a luncheonette at the busy intersection of Manhattan's 59th Street and Second Avenue. The luncheonette thrived due to the exemplary service their patrons enjoyed. Peter eventually convinced his neighboring entrepreneur to buy the entire building wherein their businesses were located.

An early view of the municipal seat of the Island of Andros, Greece where our maternal grandfather owned a retail building in which he operated a grocery store.


1. On February 27, 1963, BK&B Realty Corp. purchased 1114 Second Avenue, New York, New York on Manhattan's Upper East Side, marking the entry of the Kalis Companies into commercical real estate.

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