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Warrenton Towne Centre

The Leading Shopping Center at Warrenton’s Western GatewaySM
Warrenton Towne Centre Logo

Warrenton Towne Centre
613 Frost Avenue
(Route 211) & Route 17
Warrenton, Virginia 20186


Floor Plans

Electronic File Transfer Agreement Word document
627 Frost Avenue (Gold's Gym) PDF Logo13,075.46 sq ft
627 Frost -- Supplemental construction documents (2005)
625 Frost Avenue PDF LogoPad Site
623 Frost Avenue (Country Cookin) PDF Logo7,163.15 sq ft
619 Frost Avenue (Tuesday Morning) PDF Logo8,758 sq ft
619 Frost Avenue (CAD file)8,758 sq ft
617 Frost Avenue (Available) PDF Logo15,922 sq ft
617 Frost Avenue (Undivided) PDF Logo15,922 sq ft
617 Frost Avenue (CAD file)15,922 sq ft
615 Frost Avenue (Available) PDF Logo15,922 sq ft
613 Frost Avenue (Food Lion) PDF Logo38,342.34 sq ft
605 Frost Avenue (CVS) PDF Logo8,273.51 sq ft
599 Frost Avenue (Dollar General) PDF Logo9,721.59 sq ft
601 Frost Avenue (White Elephant)) PDF Logo5,788.73 sq ft
589 Frost Avenue (China Chinese) PDF Logo1,056.06 sq ft
585 Frost Avenue (Former WExchange) PDF Logo1,390.88 sq ft
583 Frost Avenue (Former State Farm) PDF Logo1,312.77 sq ft
581 Frost Avenue (Former Outlooks For Hair) PDF Logo2,501.99 sq ft
579 Frost Avenue (Wiki Vapes) PDF Logo1,131.70 sq ft
575 Frost Avenue (Marine Corps) PDF Logo1,076.04 sq ft
573, 577 Frost Avenue (Former Granpa Groovey's) PDF Logo3,874.00 sq ft
573, 577 Frost Avenue PDF Logo2,541.81 sq ft
571 Frost Avenue (Jackson Hewitt) PDF Logo2,228.70 sq ft
569 Frost Avenue (Available End Cap) PDF Logo1,630.62 sq ft

Photo of outside of Bloom store.

Photo of outside of Tagaloo store.

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