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Williamsburg Shopping Center: Sign Rules

No exterior sign or signs shall be permitted to be placed or to remain on the structure known as Williamsburg Shopping Center, Arlington, Virginia that does not meet the following standards, rules, and regulations as interpreted by Landlord at his sole discretion:

1. non-illuminated save for lighting provided by Landlord;

2. individual cut-out letters not to exceed two inches in thickness;

3. letters to be painted "Bracken House Biscuit" W-86-1064, manufactured by Martin-Senour under the Williamsburg Colors label;

4. totality of letters not to exceed front width of subject store, nor shall letter exceed a height which reaches closer than one (1) foot to the façade's highest point;

5. brickwork shall remain exposed. Without limiting the forgoing, bricks shall not be painted nor enclosed by any materials such as metal or otherwise;

6. all proposed signs must be submitted to management for prior written approval before installation may begin;

7. tenant shall be responsible for obtaining in its own name a permit for such sign from all interested governmental authorities. Such permit shall be at the sole cost of tenant. Permit number shall be displayed as required by law or regulations;

8. tenant must at all times be in compliance with the sign laws and regulations of any government authority interested in this matter; and

9. landlord may change such sign rules at its sole discretion from time to time and tenant shall be responsible at its sole cost to comply with changes.

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