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Kalis Development Corporation is a privately-held real estate investment firm based in McLean, Virginia. Our company's focus is on the acquisition of underperforming and undervalued real estate assets on the East Coast of the United States. Our firm has extensive experience as the owner of retail properties both as principal and partner. Our founder, Peter Kalis, started by purchasing his first commercial real estate on Manhattan's Upper East Side. We are committed to responsive communication with our tenants and the real estate community. We are also a leading independent property management firm in Warrenton, Virginia. We serve a long list of distinguished tenants throughout the United States who have found a presence in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. These tenants include Food Lion, Tuesday Morning, Gold’s Gym, Southland Corporation, Virginia Commerce Bank, BB&T, CVS, Jackson-Hewitt, Dollar General, Marine Corps Career Center, and State Farm Insurance.

Pad Site now available at Warrenton Towne Centre. Call Brandon Howard at 301 257-8380 for details.

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